Enabling AI in every meeting conferenceAutomating meeting minutes with the acta.AI stack layer.

Minutes as a Service (MaaS)

No matter what conference system you are using, acta ROBO will join and generate classified meeting minutes Acta's AI powered ROBO generates classified meeting minutes, working seamlessly along with any conferencing tool you use.

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For trial version, acta robo will join in your conference for 15 mins only and generate minutes.

  • enter your mail-id for minutes,you will receive minutes on that mail id X
  • Conference Dial-in Numbers, phone number. Each company having different dail-in number. For example, skype for business for ABC company having one conference dial-in number.Zoom dia-in phone number is having differnt number and same for go-to meeting etc.Please choose the dial-in number properly and update in web site. X
  • conference ID or access code or PIN number X
  • Enter your mail-id for minutes,you will receive minutes on that mail id X
  • Enter your phone number, mobile number including country code. Example: If you are from India +919535843000. You will receive a conference call, please talk as if you are talking in meeting. Once you finish the call, you will get meeting minutes on your mail-id. X
  • Enter your mail-id for minutes,you will receive minutes on that mail id X

You Focus on meetings, ROBO will
take care of meeting minutes

Use machine learning to generate Minutes

Acta ROBO will join your conference as a silent participant, record your meetings, apply all necessary artificial intelligence algorithms along with natural language classification to generate meeting minutes [like Action points, Decisions and Key notes

Generate minutes with rich natural language

ROBO will analyze, understand and derive minutes from run time conversations.ROBO will do proper text analysis through established patterns and trends from the conversational speech and apply sentiment analysis to know the productivity of meetings.

Why ROBO is awesome

  • No sign in
  • No download
  • No web app
  • No mobile app
  • Extend your invite
    to ROBO. That's it!

How it Works


1) Invite me via Email, SlackBot, SkypeBot or provide me the dial-in and conference details - that's it !!!

2) I will do everything for you.


1)Record you conversations.

2) Robo will apply Natural Language Classification and Artificial Intelligence algorithms.


1) Generate meeting minutes in the form of ACTION POINTS, DECISIONS AND KEY NOTES

2) Action points to tasks in JIRA, Agilean, SalesForce or Trello

Advantages of the acta.AI

Cloud Agnostic - The ROBO software can be installed on any public or private cloud or on your own data center.

Discoverability - Make your AI/ML models easily discoverable across all your meeting conference.

Advanced monitoring - Understand how your team is using your AI/ML investments

Pay only for what you use - Billing is by the second and super easy.

Custom Security - Can be customized to the highest security policy.

No download, no sign-in, no mobile app, extend your invite to ROBO. That's it.